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The purpose of the course is to help students develop their English language competence for their current academic studies and future efficient professional performance in the world of business. The course provides opportunities for building up vocabulary and grammar and is focused on developing further reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills integrated with the Upper-Intermediate Business English content. Academic, business, newspaper, etc. discourse types will be studied to show students how to use diverse background resources. Students will learn a variety of patterns for communicating in professional settings and develop appropriate communication behavior skills.
The course is designed to help students become more efficient and effective in their studies. The course is focused on developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as encouraging learners to apply various approaches to deal with new vocabulary, further improve grammatical skills, critical thinking and independent study.
This elective course aims at exploring the multifaceted and dynamic connections of diversity, culture and communication, thus providing assistance in learning how to interact with diverse populations – people, who think, feel and behave differently than we do. The major focus of the course are issues related to (1) encountering differences, cross-cultural adjustment and a multicultural world, (2) value systems, verbal and nonverbal communication, and (3) dominant international cultural patterns and cross-cultural variables in western and Kazakhstani communication. The study of intercultural communication can enhance understanding of our own culture in relation to other cultures and, as a result, enable students to conceptualize areas of potential misunderstandings including the area of international business communication.