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  • Язык курса: Англиский
  • Дата начала курса: 12.8.2017
  • Дата окончания курса: 10.1.2018
In the course of the discipline, the basic concepts of the modeling method, computer modeling of chemical-technological processes using a package of simulating ChemCad programs, modeling of equilibrium (stationary) chemical-technological processes (CC-Steady State), methods of constructing a technological scheme, selection of engineering (technological) units of measurement, selection of components and thermodynamic parameters, choice of method for determining K-constants, characteristics of process flows, calculation the parameters of streams and equipments, monitoring of the results of operation of existing plants and distillation apparatus, plotting the results on the basis of the results obtained, compiling (creating) a report, simulation of chemical-technological processes using a periodic distillation column (CC-Batch Column), calculation of simple technological scheme with recycling, evaluation of the possibility of a pinch effect, calculation of material and heat balances in the development of technology and simulation of production, parametric sensitivity analysis, the total mass and heat balance of the process optimization will be considered.
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